Vouchers Management

Vouchers Management

Comprehensive solution for voucher creation, management, distribution and redemption. This platform allows your business to use vouchers for various purposes, e.g. tickets, promotions, cash / product distribution where they are used to represent value. The platform also supports  secure physical (“scratch”) cards and can be hosted for your business, meaning that you can use vouchers without any IT investment.

For use by:

  • telecommunication companies
  • non-governmental organisations: NGOs (for aid distribution, cash distribution)
  • retailers (for promotional vouchers)
  • financial industry (for deposits)


  • fast generation of voucher number
  • advanced security via encryption and cryptography techniques
  • total voucher lifecycle management: generation/creation, management, distribution, tracking, expiry, voiding, redemption, archiving, etc
  • support for printed physical vouchers (scratch cards)
  • cloud-hosting for businesses to use vouchers without any prior IT investment.