Payments Gateway

Payments Gateway

Our comprehensive Payments Gateway empowers you to have total control of your payments; incoming and outgoing. It helps you to automatically receive electronic payments straight to your operational systems and therefore have automated reconciliation.

Get the following benefits by using the Payments Gateway: 

  • automated reconciliation
  • integrated payments into and out of operational systems
  • eliminate costly human errors
  • eliminate costly manual reconciliation
  • eliminate losses due to fraud caused by manual payments and collections

Who should use it?

  • utilities, billers and local authorities
  • retailers
  • agents who collect payments on commission
  • financial and micro-finance institutions


  • process incoming collections and outgoing payments
  • seamless integration with your own systems, eliminating human intervention, thus preventing mistakes and fraud
  • payments go straight into your billing and accounting systems; and also directly paid out  to beneficiaries
  • automated reconciliation